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Inspiring people to live full out

Last week I streaked my hair purple on a whim while getting my hair cut at the Supercuts in Kona Commons. On this day, Cody set me down in his chair. He’s a stylish hip young man with the coolest … Continue reading

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Blown away – Damon Point and Ruby Beach

Beachcombers are a hearty breed, as I discovered at the International Beachcombing Conference. Nothing seems to deter them from their appointed rounds, especially the weather. Day 1 of the conference, I woke up to rain, thankful that the schedule was … Continue reading

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The passionate beachcomber

One thing you can say about  the attendees at the 2015 International Beachcombing Conference is that they are passionate. They talk about getting up at 3 am to head to the beach because it’s low tide and that’s when the … Continue reading

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Be a kid again

At the Beachcombing Conference, I’m staying in a cottage with three other gals. It felt like I was back in college again, back at the co-op, taking turns in the bathroom, dashing down the hall wearing only a towel, and … Continue reading

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I have reservations…

I’m going to the 6th Annual International Beachcombing Conference along the Washington coast. It sounded like such a good idea when I signed up: a week on the mainland in the Pacific Northwest, beachcombing with my friend Deacon (Dr. Beachcomb). … Continue reading

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Meditation, fellowship and the dentist

Sunday, I attended an all-day, silent meditation retreat as part of Peace Week in Honoka‘a. I love that the Peace Committee always includes a Day of Mindfulness with Peace Week. This year Gavin Harrison, ( ) Buddhist Monk, author, and … Continue reading

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