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Getting off the treadmill

There’s no such thing as overnight mail to or from the Big Island unless you want to rent a plane. And if you don’t have your package at The Pony Express by 10 am, you’ll miss the fastest possible delivery … Continue reading

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This week I came face-to-face with homelessness. Prior to this, my concerns for the poor were global, nonspecific, faceless. I gave money to the Hamakua Youth Foundation, donations to the Salvation Army, food to the local food pantry, and said … Continue reading

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Pussycat poop, feline feces, cat scat – it all stinks

We took Puss to see the kitties on the back lanai, once the special domain of him and whoever would take him out there for a little loving. He used to stand at the back screen door and meow for … Continue reading

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