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I found a new tribe – Packer Bar in Kona, Quinn’s Almost by the Sea.

Did you ever walk into a crowd of strangers, and just know that you had a deep connection with them? It happened to me last week at Quinn’s Almost by the Sea. I discovered it in 2013, and love the … Continue reading

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Packer pity party…in Kona!

The Green Bay Packers are my team no matter what. I’m glad Hawai’i doesn’t have a football franchise; I don’t have to divide my loyalties. Not that I ever did. I was indifferent to the Falcons when I lived in … Continue reading

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Chicken no more

We had another earthquake last week. We’ve had maybe six or seven since I’ve been living here on the Big Island: six in 20 months – not too bad. But this earthquake was the biggest and longest I’ve ever felt. … Continue reading

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Making resolutions for 2013 in Kona

The visit I made to Kona with my guests turned out to be a fine reflective time.  Faye and I stayed back while the rest went to Mauna Kea for star-gazing, a nine hour tour.  She slept quite a bit, as … Continue reading

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Miracle soup at the Lotus Cafe

I enjoyed the Packer game on Sunday, despite the nasty cold I had caught. It was peaceful to watch the snow come down on the TV screen as they played.  Back in Wisconsin, I always enjoyed that first snow of … Continue reading

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