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Peace Now (Peace Week 2018, Honoka’a)

  We are living in difficult times, with much social upheaval. I despair at the rancor we show each other, and wonder when we will become civil again. It was with this backdrop that I welcomed our little town’s celebration … Continue reading

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Come dance a meditation – Ecstatic Dance in Honoka‘a, HI

Let’s dance! Ecstatic Dance. It’s “a moving meditation that develops a direct body-spirit connection,” and is not as odd as it sounds, though it does have guidelines. Guidelines for dancing? Yup. Check out the  website. The first time I heard … Continue reading

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A testosterone event: Hawaiian Falsetto Contest

Julia and I went to a Hawaiian Falsetto Contest this weekend that celebrated the Hawaiian tradition of men singing in that high range an octave above normal. This was part of the month-long series of festivities known as Hawaii Island … Continue reading

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Rita resolutions, community commitments and joyful jazz

I’m working with my life coach again. Rita’s coached me on and off since 2005 when my boss sent me to her after a bad performance review. He thought I might need some support. He was right. Many of my … Continue reading

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Wicked Boots for Western Week

I love my little town on the Big Island. Honoka‘a (population 2000) is known for a couple of things: the Peace Parade, our Honoka‘a People’s Theatre, and Western Week. Last year I was so busy with planning and executing my … Continue reading

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Highbrow Honolulu – Blaisdell Symphony Hall

This was it, Friday, the first day of three glorious days in Honolulu.  It was my first school fieldtrip in years, and this one would be focused on art and all things cultured.  We were staying right downtown at the … Continue reading

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Experience a luau at least once

Everyone who comes to Hawaii should experience a luau.  They are not really authentic recreations of Hawaiian culture, but they are fun.  If you go you can expect a great feast, an open bar, and a wonderful floor show, featuring … Continue reading

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Talk Story – Twilight at Kalahuipua‘a

Talk Story – you hear the expression a lot on island, especially in non-tourist areas.  It is the conversation of the locals, what we’d call ‘shooting the breeze (or bull)’ back home.  The Smithsonian defines it as “a Hawaiian expression, … Continue reading

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Tribute to Mr. Washburn

I’ve written about Gary Washburn twice.  This is the third and the first on my blog; I’m guessing that it won’t be my last. Gary has been teaching music at Honoka’a High School for 35 years.  He has transformed this … Continue reading

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