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Memories on the Christmas Tree

Jade and I finally managed to trim the Christmas tree. It was a wonderful journey down memory lane. Funny how we each had fond memories of an ornament, but they weren’t the same memory. The bubble lights are a great example. My … Continue reading

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Making new memories in Hilo

I didn’t realize it, but I’ve been lonely for news from Wisconsin – in this case, from the folks back at work. I send out my blog postings, and many of them receive it, but it’s rare to hear back. … Continue reading

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Hawaiian diners

I noticed that I have been craving comfort foods in the past week; I understand that’s normal when you’re sick. My comfort foods go back to the plain dishes of my simple Czech and German upbringing: mashed potatoes, roasted chicken, … Continue reading

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Rooster rodeo and round-up

It has been blowing hard for five days, though the winds are warm.  Several palm fronds crashed in the yard.  But the good thing about this fierce wind – we don’t hear the roosters.  They must be hunkered down, or … Continue reading

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Miracle soup at the Lotus Cafe

I enjoyed the Packer game on Sunday, despite the nasty cold I had caught. It was peaceful to watch the snow come down on the TV screen as they played.  Back in Wisconsin, I always enjoyed that first snow of … Continue reading

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Ask the Universe

I’m a great believer in asking the Universe, God, Spirit, whatever you call Her, for what I want.  It’s what got me here to Hawai’i, it’s what allowed me to retire early, and many other smaller things.  What I haven’t … Continue reading

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Tacky, but in a good way: Waimea Christmas Parade

There I was, the self-avowed parade-hater watching yet another parade.  But I couldn’t resist.  Stacy invited me and she’s always so busy selling houses I never get to see her.  So here was my chance to have a glorious couple … Continue reading

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I’m chicken

Okay folks, I have to confess – I am chicken.  I haven’t talked directly with the chicken lady about the roosters because I hate confrontation.  I called Jeremiah to see if she had called him back about removing just the … Continue reading

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