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Who wants a cute free kitty?

Our little street cat is a mother again. We never saw Felicity’s first litter and assumed they didn’t make it. We had a brief window when she wasn’t pregnant, and boom, she was carrying another litter. Even though she only … Continue reading

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Hawaiian Monk Seal Pup: that’s a big baby!

When our daughter was home from college for the holidays, we decided to do some island exploring just like when we were tourists. So we drove along the western Kohala coast, over the volcanic mountain that’s up the road from … Continue reading

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Speed trap

I was late for my appointment with Dr. Alvita, my Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor last Friday and so was not Aloha driving. In a short section of the highway between Honoka‘a and Waimea the speed limit goes down to 45 … Continue reading

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Escape to the beach

I’m certainly glad that the Polar Vortex has left the mainland. I’ve been reluctant to post anything in the past three weeks because whatever I said about living here on the Big Island would sound like gloating. But even we … Continue reading

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