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Semana Santa processions in Marbella

After Barcelona, it is comforting to be in a small town once again. Marbella, on the Mediterranean Sea, was a village of 10,000 in the 1950s. Then the tourist/resort industry boomed and it is now 140,000 – still plenty small … Continue reading

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Home sweet home

We’re finally home. The girls and I have been away for almost seven weeks. BG didn’t go; he hates to travel and claimed that someone had to stay home to feed the cats. His loss. He missed 12 plane trips, … Continue reading

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Kitties, come home!

All thoughts of self-care and introspection disappear when I’m protecting my children. No, not the girls; the kitties. Monday we were supposed to take Tiger Lily and Felix to the vet to be fixed. Finally they would be able to … Continue reading

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Grateful for small moments

I try to write down my blessings and thank God every day. Being grateful for what I have lays the foundation for having an abundant life. What are you thankful for this day? Dear God, Thank You for giving us … Continue reading

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Pussycat poop, feline feces, cat scat – it all stinks

We took Puss to see the kitties on the back lanai, once the special domain of him and whoever would take him out there for a little loving. He used to stand at the back screen door and meow for … Continue reading

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Who wants a cute free kitty?

Our little street cat is a mother again. We never saw Felicity’s first litter and assumed they didn’t make it. We had a brief window when she wasn’t pregnant, and boom, she was carrying another litter. Even though she only … Continue reading

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