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Confessions of an omnivore

After writing my post last week about the Big Island cowboy culture, some people questioned my statement about mostly giving up beef. Why, they asked. Part of the answer lies in a couple of videos I saw years ago, “Forks … Continue reading

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Big Island cowboy culture

Last week I went to Waimea Community Theatre’s live performance of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew . . . set in the Wild West of the 1890’s. It was an innovative approach, and perfect for the cowboy heritage of the … Continue reading

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Traditions and Family Values

One of the best things about our homegrown festivals is the opportunity to learn more about the local history. This week is Peace Week and the Honoka‘a People’s Theatre will be presenting Traditions and Family Values, a film with snippets … Continue reading

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BA trucks

On the Big Island, you see a lot of pick-up trucks; they’re ubiquitous. While driving on the Kona side last week in the rural areas south and mauka (up-mountain) of Kailua, something struck me as odd. Then it hit me. … Continue reading

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Responsibility for the ‘āina is personal

Council woman Margaret Wille continues her battle to restrict further GMO activity on the Big Island. She withdrew her first bill, #79, so as to bring a cleaner version to the council. On September 4, we were once again in … Continue reading

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Wicked Boots for Western Week

I love my little town on the Big Island. Honoka‘a (population 2000) is known for a couple of things: the Peace Parade, our Honoka‘a People’s Theatre, and Western Week. Last year I was so busy with planning and executing my … Continue reading

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Careful – they spit!

This month it was my turn to secure a speaker for Third Thursday Thrive, our grassroots organization focused on sustainability and community networking to benefit the Big Island’s Hamakua Coast. I’ve been thinking about fibers, especially animal fibers, as Textile … Continue reading

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