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No longer just cultural anthropology

Someone asked me if my recent blog posts about Pele (Honoring Pele) and Laka (Saving Hawaiian Traditions) go against Christianity’s teachings of worshipping only one God. The question surprised me into a self-dialog that left me with a satisfactory answer. … Continue reading

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Honoring Pele

My Hawaiian Culture Class took a second field trip, this time to the mother of all Parks – Volcanoes National Park. In this case “mother” refers to Pele, birthing new land. Halema’uma’u Crater in the Kilauea Caldera is traditionally known … Continue reading

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A daily gift from The Universe

My husband finds me annoyingly cheerful and happy. That’s because I choose to have a positive attitude. I wasn’t always that way. Early in my life and even in my professional career, I griped and complained and chose to feel … Continue reading

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Saving Hawaiian traditions – Kalopa State Park

On the Big Island, they say that new-comers either “get” the island, or Pele chews them up and spits them back to the mainland. Lots of new residents pack up and leave because they don’t understand this environment. I have … Continue reading

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Kale for nonbelievers

Did you miss National Kale Day on October 1? Me too. I can’t say I’m enamored of kale. Despite it being a cruciferous vegetable, most of which are highly associated with Czechs, Grandma and Mom didn’t grow it or serve … Continue reading

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