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Falling asleep with Galileo – Pisa

Some people (and guidebooks) say that Pisa is a one-stop town, not worthy of an overnight stay. I disagree; it has a wonderful vibe. Pisa is a city that comes alive after dark. Most of the tourists have left. They’ve … Continue reading

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Clinging to the best of the past – the Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre are five coastal cliff-side villages on the Italian Rivera. Isolated in the past, they’ve been pushed into the modern world by the train that now connects them to the outside and each other. Thanks to stories by … Continue reading

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The sounds of Venice

While Venice is certainly a feast for the eyes and mouth, I try to pay attention to what I am hearing as well.  The narrow canals and walkways create a peculiar resonance. Sounds are channeled and amplified. This is especially … Continue reading

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Rules for buying veggies in Venice

 The worst and best thing about traveling is the way it makes me grow. For the trip to Italy I am taking with the girls, I’ve had to figure out multiple new systems, such as trains, buses, and in Venice, … Continue reading

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Beachcombing with Dr. Beachcomb

This summer I’ll be away from the Big Island for almost two months, so I decided to spend some time at my favorite beaches. Everything looks different because we had so much surf and storm damage in late winter. The … Continue reading

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