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Shop ’til you drop – Ala Moana Center

When I glance through a copy of Vogue, I enjoy perusing the ads.  For me, it’s a spectator sport: “I wonder how much that costs?  Who buys this stuff?  Who wears this stuff?”  Clearly the target is not me.  I … Continue reading

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Art History 101; Sad History 201- Honolulu Museum of Art / Iolani Palace

Today’s Honolulu visit was focused on art and history.  The Honolulu Museum of Art (HMA) is interesting even on the outside.  There’s a wonderful juxtaposition of a huge steel structure whose parts move with the wind, with organic huts made … Continue reading

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Highbrow Honolulu – Blaisdell Symphony Hall

This was it, Friday, the first day of three glorious days in Honolulu.  It was my first school fieldtrip in years, and this one would be focused on art and all things cultured.  We were staying right downtown at the … Continue reading

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When the child becomes the parent

For the first time in forever, I get to go on one of my daughters’ fieldtrips.  When I was working, I was always too busy for things like that.  Of course I see now that it was my loss. Jade is … Continue reading

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Experience a luau at least once

Everyone who comes to Hawaii should experience a luau.  They are not really authentic recreations of Hawaiian culture, but they are fun.  If you go you can expect a great feast, an open bar, and a wonderful floor show, featuring … Continue reading

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Island time

The notion of island time used to drive the organizer in me crazy: if you can’t show up on time for my meetings, don’t expect me to start over when you do arrive.  Here, coming and going on your own … Continue reading

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Talk Story – Twilight at Kalahuipua‘a

Talk Story – you hear the expression a lot on island, especially in non-tourist areas.  It is the conversation of the locals, what we’d call ‘shooting the breeze (or bull)’ back home.  The Smithsonian defines it as “a Hawaiian expression, … Continue reading

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