Inspiring people to live full out

IMG_1647Last week I streaked my hair purple on a whim while getting my hair cut at the Supercuts in Kona Commons. On this day, Cody set me down in his chair. He’s a stylish hip young man with the coolest hair: crew cut at the base, topped by longish hair that tapered down to a point at the back. This longer section was brown at the roots and blonde on top. I complimented him and said, “I wish I could pull that off.” I was referring to the shape of my face, which is somewhat square. But he thought I didn’t have the nerve.

“It’s all based on attitude. If you have the right attitude, you can wear it,” he explained.

IMG_1655“Oh I have the attitude,” I replied. “But if I was going for something different, it would be streaking my hair purple.” My daughters have been egging me on about purple hair for a couple of years now and I’ve been sorely tempted a number of times.

“Well, we can do that for you…” I asked him a bunch of questions, and said I’d think about it. But as he cut my hair, I thought, “Why not? I have plenty of time to pass today.” So, I said, “Let’s do it.”

Sitting in Cody’s chair, head full of aluminum foil, I thought, “I could put this on my blog.” That made me begin to wonder: what topics pull my blog together? It certainly is more than just an exploration of the Big Island. It’s more than using the transformation tools that changed my life.

IMG_1673croppedMy friends tell me “people admire your courage and wish they could have the adventures you create for yourself. You’re a role model for getting every ounce of juice out of life.” Readers have said the same thing. And when I look at the categories I’ve used to characterize my blog essays, the two that have the most tags are “learning new things” and “getting out of my comfort zone” for adventures like zip-lining, shearing alpacas (okay, I didn’t really shear them but I did help sort the wool), entering and winning a saloon girl contest, lava tube spelunking and dancing the hula on stage.

IMG_1692Something is resonating with readers. My blog recently surpassed 21,000 views and 11,000 visitors. As a result of this recent introspection, I changed the tagline on my blog to more accurately describe it: “Inspiring People to Live Full Out.”

Meanwhile, when I got home with my purple hair, my husband did a classic double take. “What the hell?” What fun! On the downside, until the purple color grows out, I’m going to have to remember to color coordinate what I wear with my hair.


Thank you to Ashia, Kona Commons Supercuts manager, for taking pictures.


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I'm a writer and author. Check out my book, Manifesting Paradise on Amazon, and my blog, I talk about Hawaii and the transformation tools I used to achieve my dreams.
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8 Responses to Inspiring people to live full out

  1. don’t worry, purple goes with EVERYTHING!

  2. Donna says:

    You GO Girl!!!!! Looks fantastic:))))

  3. In Baltimore…you would be considered a RAVENS fan!!! Love it!

  4. Malia True says:

    Love it! You will find that strangers treat you differently. At least, that is what I found when I dyed mine bright red last holiday season. Guys were flirting with me in the grocery line and that hadn’t happened in ages. Hope to see it when we head down to Hilo’s beaches.

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