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Tribute to Mr. Washburn

I’ve written about Gary Washburn twice.  This is the third and the first on my blog; I’m guessing that it won’t be my last. Gary has been teaching music at Honoka’a High School for 35 years.  He has transformed this … Continue reading

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Fire Dancing Rooster Catchers

My ad on Craigslist seeking a Rooster Catcher finally got some action, and gave me some hope of ridding my yard of the two roosters that are plaguing me.  They crow all day starting at 3 am (still night for … Continue reading

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Living on five volcanoes

Last week I went to the Kilauea Volcano with Dianne and Mitch. I hadn’t been to the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park since we were tourists visiting the island – maybe four years ago. At the moment, the local papers are … Continue reading

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Veteran of the chicken wars

Last Sunday, a rooster strutted right up to the open side door of the church and crowed lustily, right at the most sacred point in the Mass.  The violinist in the Choir chased it away with her bow, but that … Continue reading

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Why Hawaii?

You might be wondering, so what’s a Midwest gal doing in Hawai’i anyway?  Are you kidding?  Two years before we moved we had 100 inches of snow.  The next year we had 60 inches.  We lived on a corner lot, so we had lots of snow … Continue reading

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