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No time to cry

My little girl is gone. I took her to college earlier this week. Her father had admonished me not to make a scene by crying (who me?) and make Jade feel bad. So I did my best to hold the … Continue reading

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Does all GMO = predatory farming?

I am struggling to write this GMO essay. Maybe it’s because I’m learning things that challenge my long-held beliefs. You see, I’m beginning to wonder if there might be such a thing as a good GMO. Wait! Before you throw … Continue reading

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Too late

First there was Puss. He’s a loving sweet young cat with a playful disposition who adopted us. All he wants is two square meals a day and loving attention from any of us, or anyone who shows up on our … Continue reading

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Responsibility for the ‘āina is personal

Council woman Margaret Wille continues her battle to restrict further GMO activity on the Big Island. She withdrew her first bill, #79, so as to bring a cleaner version to the council. On September 4, we were once again in … Continue reading

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The will of the people

We’ve had an active anti-GMO movement on the Big Island for some time. But recently, County Councilwoman Margaret Wille managed to turn sentiment into action with her Bill 79 which bans the expansion of GMO here. People from all over … Continue reading

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The bounty of the Big Island, endangered

For lots of reasons I haven’t been to Waimea for the Saturday Farmer’s Market this summer. I finally went, and had a great time seeing my favorite vendors and buying their organic produce. A few of these folks very ethically … Continue reading

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Me and my big mouth

My father used to tell me that my big mouth would get me in trouble one day. Talk about the kettle calling the pot black! But he was right. I often speak before I think. When I’m emotional, the process … Continue reading

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