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Big Island’s One-Stop Beach – Anaeho‘omalu Bay

If you’re visiting the Big Island and have time for only one beach, I recommend Anaeho‘omalu Bay, also called A-Bay for the Hawaiian-language challenged. It’s the one place where you can swim in a calm bay, learn to snorkel or … Continue reading

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Getting off the treadmill

There’s no such thing as overnight mail to or from the Big Island unless you want to rent a plane. And if you don’t have your package at The Pony Express by 10 am, you’ll miss the fastest possible delivery … Continue reading

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I solemnly swear to enjoy the beach (#3 of 3 essays on HI beachcombing)

This must be the Summer of the Beach: I went four times in the space of two weeks, mostly beachcombing. I haven’t done that since our Florida vacations back when I desperately needed sun while trying to survive a Midwest winter. … Continue reading

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Glassy angular sea surges: sea-glass (#2 of 3 essays on HI beachcombing)

When I brought my treasures back from beachcombing last week, I got excited about creating a display or memory bowl. (See Beginner’s Beachcombing in Hawai‘i.) But I’ll need more memories. So I returned to the shady beach. I had Dianne … Continue reading

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Beginner’s beachcombing in Hawai’i (#1 of 3 essays on HI beachcombing)

At this month’s Third Thursday Thrive meeting we enjoyed a show-and-tell by one of the world’s leading beachcombing experts, Deacon Ritterbush, also known as ‘Dr. Beachcomb.’ She’s a knowledgeable, down-to-earth woman and scholar who relates what she sees on the … Continue reading


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