“…the most outrageous woman in Honoka‘a!”

IMG_5353Last week some friends and I went to Waipi‘o Cookhouse, to see our friends in the Mamane Street Music Club who had a gig there, and to celebrate with Teri, the singer-violinist, for her birthday. I was still celebrating my birthday, too. At my age (64), I get to celebrate as long as I want.

While there I met a woman I knew from yoga and her husband. I introduced myself to him. “Hello, I’m Diane Scheurell; I’m not sure we’ve met before.”

Photo by Sarah Anderson Photography

Photo by Sarah Anderson Photography

“Ah, but I know you,” he replied with a broad grin. “You’re the most outrageous woman in Honoka‘a!” Apparently he had seen me win the costume contest at the town’s first Drag Queen Show. His statement took me by surprise momentarily. But then, I and my friends burst out laughing. There must be some truth in it.

As a Gemini, I have these two competing personalities. Part of me loves notoriety. In a recent article in the North Hawaii News, I was interviewed as the outgoing Honoka‘a Western Week Saloon Girl from 2015. In the clip, I explained that the tag line on my blog is Inspiring people to live full out, and I can’t do that without taking some risks myself.

The other twin is on a life-long journey to find serenity and live in the moment. I participate in Mindfulness Meditation every week with a group of like-minded people, now friends. I do all sorts of physical meditations like yoga, beachcombing, mindful walking and ocean bobbing. I even try to unload the dishwasher mindfully.

While being both outrageous and serene may seem to be incompatible, I somehow thrive on it.

I was Queen for last night’s Women’s Circle, and I asked participants to “share intentions for the second half of the year. By that, I don’t mean resolutions, but rather, for you to paint a picture for yourself on what you envision and wish for yourself as 2016 progresses.” Here’s what I shared:

Dear God,

I have the usual list of things I’d like to (continue to) manifest into my life:

I relish community: yoga classes with Anita, beach-dates for swimming or beachcombing with friends, and trips to the farmer’s market.

I create deeper meaning in my life through experiences with my circle of women. I quiet my mind with my meditation group.

I enrich my life through travel and share what I learn through writing.

I have music back in my life – when did it disappear?

I become lighter and stronger. I incorporate movement naturally throughout the day and walk regularly. I improve upper arm strength: I’m able to do two push-ups in a row!

I eat even healthier than now. Every week, I get closer to a pescatarian diet.

Discovery ParkBut, Dear God, these are only checklist items. When I truly envision myself in the near future, I see someone who is exquisitely happy. And I make others happy, too. I am contented and grateful. I connect with Mother Earth in a real way more often. I find it easy to shun and ignore negative vibes from others. I live in the moment more than ever before. I am present. I am serene.

IMG_5568croppedAnd I am able to continue being the most outrageous woman in Honoka‘a.

Is that a contradiction? Well, I am a Gemini.


About Diane Scheurell

I'm a writer and author. Check out my book, Manifesting Paradise on Amazon, and my blog, ManifestingParadise.com. I talk about Hawaii and the transformation tools I used to achieve my dreams.
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12 Responses to “…the most outrageous woman in Honoka‘a!”

  1. Stacy disney says:

    Outrageous, that’s not the word. I would say courageous, inquisitive, positive, and loving.

  2. Sandy says:

    You Go Girl…you inspire me!!!!

  3. Barbara says:

    How much you have done to be. Where you are. I take strength from you.

  4. Lisen Twigg-Smith says:

    Aloha Diane, Just love your prayer–it is very close to one I would come up with–I just am not as eloquent! Glad to know the most outrageous gal in Honoka’a, Aloha, Lisen

    • Dear Lisen, Thank you, and how interesting that our prayers would be so similar. I would have picked you as someone who could already do two push-ups in a row. But seriously, how wonderful that we have much in common. Aloha, Diane.

  5. Donnaa says:

    Love this…love ya Diane!

  6. Colleen OBrien says:

    I am so happy for you !!

    • Colleen, I hope you are just as happy in your new life. You’ve done such major things since leaving the company. Congratulations! I know you get “living life full out.” Wasn’t it just the the two of us who wore costumes to work for Halloween? You definitely get it.

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