Grateful for small moments

???????????????????????????????I try to write down my blessings and thank God every day. Being grateful for what I have lays the foundation for having an abundant life. What are you thankful for this day?

Dear God,
Thank You for giving us a sunny day. I know that we in Hawai‘i have nothing to complain about compared to folks on the mainland, but a month of rain is enough. Even the dry side of the Big Island may finally be free of its eight-year drought status; I’ve never seen it so green. Actually, that’s a blessing too. So, thank You, for the rain.

Today I am especially grateful for my family. We are fortunate to have Jade home during her spring break. I’ve missed her big hugs and helpful attitude. Once again her laughter fills the house – so sweet to hear it again. She’s having fun with the kitties. Felicity gave birth in December. Jade missed out on the kitties’ first 13 weeks and seems determined to make up for lost time, despite the fact that she much prefers dogs and is still trying to talk us into getting one. Um – no.

It’s great that Faye is on spring break from high school this week too. Having both girls home makes GB more amenable to taking time off from his work. We actually played yesterday at the beach! He needs more fun time and the girls provide the excuse he needs to take it. If You nudged him, thank You.

???????????????????????????????Thank You for the best beach day we’ve had in a long time. Faye and I had been at Hapuna Beach a week ago and found it profoundly changed. The large waves from weeks earlier took out most of the sand on the usually large beach and exposed some huge rocks we’d never seen before. With the sand gone, the beach was half its normal size. All the sand shifted into the bay creating a huge sandbar. But that was good news for our beach excursion yesterday. The great sandbar was just right for trying out our boogie boards for the first time.

???????????????????????????????Thank You for warm water; we plunged right in. Seems like it’s already back to summer temperatures. The water colors ranged from turquoise to dark blue, and the sun glinted invitingly from every wave.

Thank You for taking care of us boogie board novices. We didn’t know what to expect about this new water sport and had lots of questions that we eventually figured out with trial and lots of error. We’re sure there’s a science here that will reveal itself over time. For now we’re having fun with the experimentation. Of course, I’m sure You know that if you get too close to shore you can skin your knees or even your belly on the underwater sand. It hurts.

By the end of the afternoon, I was an???????????????????????????????swering the boogey-board questions of a first-time visitor from Vancouver. Thank You, God, for the easy lessons. We’re going back to the beach today!

Thank You for family time that extended into the night with everyone watching a movie together.

???????????????????????????????Thank You that my night owl, Faye, spent additional time with me last night asking my opinion on which dress she should wear to prom. Thank You that she’s learned to watch for good deals. She’s been collecting fancy dresses for pennies on the dollar at thrift stores, so she actually has choices sitting in her closet! Once we narrowed it down to one dress, she asked about which shoes to wear. It was precious, indeed, to be asked my opinion on a matter of fashion, given my usual uncool status.

But mostly thank You, God, that we can find pleasure in these small things because we have no big problems facing us. Please watch over our friends and family who aren’t as fortunate as we are at the moment. Take care of them.


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3 Responses to Grateful for small moments

  1. Dianne says:

    Love it! xoxo

    Dianne Pencille Evans

  2. Nancy says:

    All we have is all we need.
    And glad and grateful for it.

  3. I should get Sarah out and read her again. She inspired me in the past – I am sure I’d see something new in her writings today.

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