New Year’s actions

Last week our Women’s Circle gathered at Reverend Ana’s home for the best solstice celebration I’ve ever attended. Singing and drumming around the fire circle, we dismissed the longest night and honored the coming light with the possibilities of the new year and our intentions for it.

IMG_5715 croppedOf all the rich images from that evening, it is the fire that comes back to me again and again. With surprise, I realized I’ve only attended two fire circles in the three plus years I’ve lived on the Big Island. With a long tradition of sitting around a backyard fire in Racine and the many bonfires we enjoyed at the lake with my family, this actually shocked me. What the heck? How did that happen?

I think part of it was the mental shift required to view outdoor fires as a winter amusement, rather than a summer pursuit. I also remember thinking I didn’t have a suitable wood supply here. Hah! While I’m not going to chop down a palm tree for firewood, I do have lots of other woody plants that grow abundantly. I’m always hiring muscle power to machete them back. So that problem is solved.

???????????????????????????????Then there’s the matter of where to place a fire circle. Our lovely old avocado tree dominates our sloping backyard. She spreads her arms widely and I don’t want to scorch her. I’d really like a level platform of some sort. My mental eye immediately went to the tiled cement pad where the hot tub sits.

Ah, the saga of the hot tub. We’ve never used it. It’s a waste of water and electricity, and you have to fool around with chemicals. But I know it works because our renters who lived here before us used it all the time. So three years ago I put it on Craigslist and sold it to a woman who wanted it for her Wellness business. But she never picked it up – couldn’t figure out how to move it.

After about a year of waiting (See! I can be patient!), I was tired of looking at it and tracked her down to find out she was back on the mainland and had sold it to a guy named Mike. Mike did show up after I poked her, took some measurements and disconnected the electrical line. He also couldn’t figure out how to move it, but said he’d be back. I haven’t seen him in more than a year and a half. I emailed the woman again to ask for his info. Alas, she no longer had his phone number or his last name. I was really sick of the whole business.

IMG_5801The time to act was now. No more procrastination, no more waiting for Mike to show up. I sent a message out to the Women’s Circle: did anyone want a free hot tub? “All you have to do is pick it up, now (or at least by the end of January).” Within two days it was gone. Not spoken for, but physically removed. All I had to do was ask the Universe and cast my asking-net broadly enough to make it happen.

IMG_5790croppedIMG_5798croppedThis morning I cleaned my newly open space and thought about the possibilities with delicious anticipation. I rediscovered the sweet tile design of a honu (turtle); funny what you don’t notice when your focus is elsewhere. I will need to clear some plants away from the pad. That will be easy. A harder task may be adding tile where the hot tub sat so the rain doesn’t pool there. And then there’s figuring out what to do with the two electrical posts sticking out of the cement. But the fun part will be the hunt for the perfect fire pit. I’m already forming my list of requirements.

IMG_5800Is there something you’ve been putting off? The beginning of the new year is a powerful time to take action. It’s so much more satisfying than just making a list of resolutions. Take action and see how accomplished you feel.

Best wishes to you for an abundant 2015. May you manifest your own paradise.


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5 Responses to New Year’s actions

  1. Dianne Evans says:

    Love it !

    What a neat surprise !!!!!

  2. Malia True says:

    Hou`oli makahiki hou! See you in Feb., if you have the time…

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