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Escape to the beach

I’m certainly glad that the Polar Vortex has left the mainland. I’ve been reluctant to post anything in the past three weeks because whatever I said about living here on the Big Island would sound like gloating. But even we … Continue reading

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The Elixir perfected

It feels great to be back on the Big Island after so much time away. Amy, my neighbor back in Racine, says it snowed last weekend and the weatherman is predicting snow for Friday. Some lakes in Wisconsin still have … Continue reading

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Island time

The notion of island time used to drive the organizer in me crazy: if you can’t show up on time for my meetings, don’t expect me to start over when you do arrive.  Here, coming and going on your own … Continue reading

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Freezing in paradise

I always wear a sweatshirt and sweat pants first thing in the morning, even in Hawai’i.  Today my feet are colder than normal, so I exchange my regular socks for heavy socks.  Cindy, who lives in Chicago, gave them to … Continue reading

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Hooping and whooping

I go to yoga first thing on Monday morning – some Mondays I dread it, other Mondays I relish it; all Mondays I need it. Recently we did something different – we went outside.  “Hum, we’ll probably practice Salute to … Continue reading

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Miracle soup at the Lotus Cafe

I enjoyed the Packer game on Sunday, despite the nasty cold I had caught. It was peaceful to watch the snow come down on the TV screen as they played.  Back in Wisconsin, I always enjoyed that first snow of … Continue reading

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