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Lava tube spelunking – who me?

Most people who visit Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island walk through Nāhuku Lava Tube. (It’s better known as Thurston Lava Tube, unfortunately named after one of the men who overthrew the Kingdom of Hawai‘i in 1893. I prefer … Continue reading

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No longer just cultural anthropology

Someone asked me if my recent blog posts about Pele (Honoring Pele) and Laka (Saving Hawaiian Traditions) go against Christianity’s teachings of worshipping only one God. The question surprised me into a self-dialog that left me with a satisfactory answer. … Continue reading

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Home sweet home

We’re finally home. The girls and I have been away for almost seven weeks. BG didn’t go; he hates to travel and claimed that someone had to stay home to feed the cats. His loss. He missed 12 plane trips, … Continue reading

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Getting off the treadmill

There’s no such thing as overnight mail to or from the Big Island unless you want to rent a plane. And if you don’t have your package at The Pony Express by 10 am, you’ll miss the fastest possible delivery … Continue reading

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I solemnly swear to enjoy the beach (#3 of 3 essays on HI beachcombing)

This must be the Summer of the Beach: I went four times in the space of two weeks, mostly beachcombing. I haven’t done that since our Florida vacations back when I desperately needed sun while trying to survive a Midwest winter. … Continue reading

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Glassy angular sea surges: sea-glass (#2 of 3 essays on HI beachcombing)

When I brought my treasures back from beachcombing last week, I got excited about creating a display or memory bowl. (See Beginner’s Beachcombing in Hawai‘i.) But I’ll need more memories. So I returned to the shady beach. I had Dianne … Continue reading

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Beginner’s beachcombing in Hawai’i (#1 of 3 essays on HI beachcombing)

At this month’s Third Thursday Thrive meeting we enjoyed a show-and-tell by one of the world’s leading beachcombing experts, Deacon Ritterbush, also known as ‘Dr. Beachcomb.’ She’s a knowledgeable, down-to-earth woman and scholar who relates what she sees on the … Continue reading

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