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My Circle does not have to be their Circle

[Note: what happens in Circle, stays in Circle. I received permission from the women involved to share this.] There’s a handful of us that have nurtured the Women’s Circle for the past two years. Every week I send out the … Continue reading

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Finding my happy place in Edinburgh, Scotland

July 2019. I arrived in Edinburgh from Spain. First on the agenda was grocery shopping and laundry, but soon I was ready to get out of my AirBnB and experience this fabulous city. I walked to the Royal Mile, ground … Continue reading

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Hāmākua Harvest – These are my farmers

  We are delighted to have our own Farmer’s Market in Honoka‘a. (See Hāmākua Harvest – One Man’s Vision.) Yes, we can drive 17 miles to Waimea where they have three markets on Saturday. But I can choose to come … Continue reading

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My Hawaiian culture class is pau

It’s Monday afternoon. I feel strangely “unbusy.” My Hawaiian Culture Class, the activity that consumed me for the last 12 weeks, is pau (finished). The graduation ceremony, the ho‘ike, was such a rush. Four chants, five hulas, friends and family in … Continue reading


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Me and my big mouth

My father used to tell me that my big mouth would get me in trouble one day. Talk about the kettle calling the pot black! But he was right. I often speak before I think. When I’m emotional, the process … Continue reading

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It’s not my cat

I’ve never had a pet. Not a dog, or cat or bird or gerbil. Nothing. Jade has been trying to persuade me all her life to get a dog, specifically a golden retriever. I remember when we started the process to … Continue reading

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Crossing European borders with ease in southern Netherlands

The last part of my trip was very special. I’m visiting Lisa, a transplanted friend who lives in the southern part of the Netherlands. She and her friend, Vic picked me up in Maastricht, Netherlands, the nearest airport to her … Continue reading

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Floating hotel – ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki

August 2019. So what’s the best way to get from Stockholm to Helsinki? Cruise there! Yes, the Viking Cruise Line has an overnight ferry that connects the two cities. So we get our transportation and our hotel all in one … Continue reading

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Watching the horsey set party in England

July 2019. My whole family came to London to be with our youngest for her college graduation. From here we were to travel to Copenhagen for an additional five days. Alas, the person (who will not be mentioned) responsible for … Continue reading

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Saumur – living it up in a villa and houseboat

We have finally left the region of Brittany and are now in the Loire River Valley staying in Saumur. We picked up Marilyn, the third member of our party, from the train station, and headed over to our digs at … Continue reading

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