Birthing my baby

Well, it’s finally happening. My book, Manifesting Paradise will officially launch August 1. This book’s been three years in the birthing process and I’m so ready! Thank you for your support and encouragement. For those of you who are into stats, the book is 266 pages and will be published in a 9” x 6” glossy softcover format and eBook.

author photo for back coverWriting the book was only a small piece of getting it published. There are the usual decisions: key words, book category, font style and size, margins, cover art. I hired a team of people to help me: Mike created the cover and map, Sarah took my new author photo, and my web designer, Julia, created a new page on my website to talk about the book. Click the picture below to go to it.

Click here to read more about the bookI had to make decisions around how to publisher (I’m going Indie; traditional publishing takes too long); social media (I nixed that – I’ve never received a tweet in my life, so I’m not about to start bothering others with my fleeting, tweeting thoughts); and formats (soft-cover, eBook, audio, and large print, though the latter two won’t launch until winter). Especially as I get close, there are multiple business systems that I discover I need; it’s a learning experience every day. Last week I applied for an LLC, and now my business is officially Manifesting Paradise, LLC.

Then there’s developing marketing campaigns to get publicity and entice readers write reviews on Amazon. I need to create some buzz.

Cheers to a new milestone. But I’m not surprised. When I’ve asked the Universe for something, I have received.


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About Diane Scheurell

I'm a writer and author. Check out my book, Manifesting Paradise on Amazon, and my blog, I talk about Hawaii and the transformation tools I used to achieve my dreams.
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5 Responses to Birthing my baby

  1. Koohan Paik says:


    For those of us already on your mailing list, how do we get our free book??

    Thanks — and congratulations! Koohan

    • Koohan, thank you for asking. This is a different mailing list. You are a blog follower. You need to be on the book mailing list. Just click the icon in the post. I hope you will read the book.

  2. L'il Sis says:

    I’m so proud of and inspired by you. What will you do for an encore?

  3. Write a second book!

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