Choosing my attitude

My computer crashed last week. I lost all of my recent files. And it was my fault for not conducting a recent backup. Could I think positively and “choose my attitude” under these circumstances? I was put to the test.

As a writer and editor, everything is in my computer. It’s my storehouse for what I’ve created and what I’m currently manifesting. Up to now, my computer has felt like a part of me. Then I found I could not even turn it on. At first, I was stunned and disbelieving – as in the first stages of grief.

I did what I could – asked friends to send me documents I had recently mailed to them, and took the computer to my computer doctor in Waimea.  He’s personally been trying to salvage my files ever since. Meanwhile, I’m using my old computer – theonewhosespacebardoesn’twork. I have to manually insert every space. It also gives me the blue screen of death a couple of times a day. I no longer fear it.

But am I crazy-frantic over this? No. I’m making lemonade; I’m choosing my attitude. This transformation tool is one of my most powerful. People can see the glass as half full or half empty. I’ve been accused of imagining mine as constantly overflowing. That still works for me, even now. What’s the point of being mad or hysterical over this? It is what it is.

Besides, it has given me the time to do other things like catch up on my bills (still paper) and sort through the piles in my office. I can reflect on the corrective action I can take to prevent re-occurrence, like storing my data in the cloud (though I don’t really understand that). I can take pleasure in the thought of creating a new organizational structure for my files to more efficiently store stuff, instead of relying on the organically grown, haphazard system I had before. Who knows, maybe I’ll start a new habit of not storing so much stuff on my computer in the first place. Nah, my OCD won’t let me go that far.

Sorry, no pictures. They were all on my computer.  🙂


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I'm a writer and author. Check out my book, Manifesting Paradise on Amazon, and my blog, I talk about Hawaii and the transformation tools I used to achieve my dreams.
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1 Response to Choosing my attitude

  1. L'il Sis says:

    Problem solved, because your also OCD sister saves stuff too, luckily in “my documents”. Takes one to know one. Much love.

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