Rita resolutions, community commitments and joyful jazz

I’m working with my life coach again. Rita’s coached me on and off since 2005 when my boss sent me to her after a bad performance review. He thought I might need some support. He was right. Many of my happiest hours have been spent learning from her and rediscovering my purpose and life goals. She’s part of why I’m here in Hawai‘i.

This time I’m working on goals around publishing my book. I’m also back on a health kick after falling off the wagon for several months. I stopped going to water aerobics because it interfered with my most productive writing time – morning. I gained more weight than I care to report. But Dianne and I are back at the pool a couple afternoons a week. Meanwhile I’m reporting weekly to Rita on my exercise regime and other resolutions. I’ve found that being accountable to someone helps me keep a new schedule until it becomes a habit. You might find it useful when you’re making a change too.

Unfortunately I tend to over-estimate how much I can accomplish in a week when setting my objectives. I’m finally admitting to myself that I’m over-booked with volunteering. I began to suspect it when I recently heard four different people exclaim, “You volunteer here too?” and “You’re everywhere I look!”

MKB at Thrift shop1I’m secretary for the Women’s Empowerment Circle and Third Thursday Thrive, so a couple hundred people hear from me weekly or monthly. In Waimea, I also lector for our church on Sundays and volunteer at St. James Thrift Shop on Tuesdays. That started as a shared commitment undertaken with my daughters for the summer. Well, they’re back in school and I’m still working at the thrift shop. The people there are so sweet; they even gave Jade a fresh lei her last day before she went off to college. Recently I also agreed to be a volunteer usher with the newly re-opened Kahilu Theatre in Waimea, with a side benefit of seeing the live performances.

And Faye volunteers at Teen Tech Tutoring, a service to help older adults understand their phones, computers, email, Facebook and anything else that befuddles them. That makes me a Teen Tech Parent, though I go to their sessions more often than I’m scheduled because I use their services!

???????????????????????????????Last weekend was HPA’s school fund-raiser, Pumpkin Patch. I’ve volunteered in the past, and this year was no exception, as Stacy was in charge of corralling people to monitor the silent auction. It’s hard to say no to Stacy. I knew I’d be standing all day, answering questions and later arranging items for pick-up, but didn’t think about how long my legs would last. And I had forgotten that the evening before I’d be volunteering at the theatre. That night I stood four hours, ushering people to their seats with my official flashlight, and peaking from behind the curtain at the performance.

???????????????????????????????So Sunday morning I awoke with sore legs and hips. None-the-less I looked forward to Pumpkin Patch, as I knew that on my break I’d hear my favorite live music, the Honoka‘a High School Jazz Band, led by Music Director, Gary Washburn. I’m a Washburn Groupie.

???????????????????????????????The day was hot with scant breeze. Luckily the stage was under a tent as was the audience. (This is Waimea – there’s always a chance of rain!) The jazz started at 12:15; I grabbed some spicy beans and rice from the Chili Cook-Off Tent, and settled down in front, sighing with relief as I gave my legs a rest.

The band plays jazz from the’30s through modern, though they seem partial to the older music especially from the Big Band era. Their brass and keyboard sections are well populated and talented. One of the most spectacular players is a young woman on an electric violin. She smokes that instrument! And the vocalists are excellent.

???????????????????????????????Gary performs too, but he’s often playing Mother Hen, stepping out into the audience space to observe and listen to his students, checking on the sound volume and balance to provide feedback to the sound engineer, and dashing around the stage to adjust the microphones when a student has a solo part, making sure that kid has his or her moment in the sun. Just watching him is fun; he’s full of raw energy whether performing or dashing with purpose.

???????????????????????????????Gary can also be funny. He tells the audience that the band’s latest CD is available absolutely free…with a $10 donation to the high school music program. It’s a good deal and a quality product. The 2011 season’s CD even won a Grammy. We’ve been lucky to have him at Honoka‘a High, inspiring budding artists for the last 34 years.

When their gig was up, so was I – back on my feet at the silent auction for another three hours. It gave me time to think about the possibility that I’m spreading myself too thin, doing too much volunteering. Maybe it’s time to make a new resolution with Rita on cutting back so I have time to get involved with the Hāmākua Youth Foundation in Honoka‘a, a worthy cause closer to home.

As for working the silent auction, it gave me the opportunity to monitor my favorite items and continually update my bids. I scored big time, winning premium tickets to see the Honoka‘a High School Jazz Band performing at the Kahilu Theatre. I’ll have to cancel my ushering for that night.

For related essays see A Tribute to Mr. Washburn posted Nov. 30, 2012, and On overload – too much to do in Paradise posted May 28, 2013.


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2 Responses to Rita resolutions, community commitments and joyful jazz

  1. loriwada says:

    What a wonderFULL awareness – I remember being in the great doings of volunteer work and finally coming to that same awareness – of simply deciding to STOP and BREATHE… Society has in so many ways programed us to be doing machines and in a way making us feel guilty if we are not “doing enough”… Yesterday I read a beautiFULL message from the book – Peace In Every Step by Thich Nhat Hanh – pages 46-47, where he talks about “THE BREATHING ROOM” in the last paragraph he says, ” I believe that every home should have one room for breathing. Simple practices like conscious breathing and smiling are very important. They can change our civilization.”
    …I had such a deep meditation afterwards in my own breathing room – the sacred space I created in the garage just about a year ago now… it has truly made a big difference having this space to simply BE in – to remind myself to keep slowing down – to be nurtured from the inside out – surrendering to the mystery of the Great Mother – – – and let myself naturally go into “Inspired Doing” from the inside out…
    …As I was holding some squash seeds this morning, gently rubbing off the dried squash coating so they can be planted… I was reminded once again, about the slow HeartFULLness of the Feminine Emergence, which is now taking place on a very deep level, if only we will slow down long enough to breathe and listen to her call, and how as women we used to be more within this space; with ourselves, with the Divine, with one another, holding the balance between BEING & DOING – as well as the inner and outer aspects of Sacred WHOLENESS…
    …As we started in a sense ‘speeding up’ to do more and more and more, we forgot how to BE… Now once again we are waking-up, we are being reminded to slow down and simply breathe into our FULLness and be of service in the world from our hearts, from the sacred womb-space within… participating in mid-wifing the birthing of the feminine on a WHOLE new level – a Beingness of the Sacred Dance of both the masculine and feminine energies moving harmoniously and graceFULLy from within…
    …I am so deeply greatFULL to see the importance the value of the feminine energies once again – to honor HERstory and to live within the knowing that being inspired to BE her voice is “enough” … “Don’t worry about not going fast enough – worry about not going slow enough!” …as received at Lapahoehoe Point after really sinking into the stillness – the sacredness of Mother Earth…

    AweLOveHa and Mahalo for your willingness to STOP and BE within your Heart-space of what is true for you, of what her story wants to sing through you… Welcome, welcome, welcome to the dance!

  2. Barbara Cavalier says:

    Hi Diane,

    I had no idea you were doing so much. Typically, those who are so busy doing don’t have the time to do the deep reflection and writing that you do.

    I am glad you have found a way to do both and I understand you are in a place of transition as you work with Rita. I am staying tuned in.


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