Freezing in paradise

I always wear a sweatshirt and sweat pants first thing in the morning, even in Hawai’i.  Today my feet are colder than normal, so I exchange my regular socks for heavy socks.  Cindy, who lives in Chicago, gave them to me because she feels sorry for me with no heat in the house.  My head is cold, so I go find my hat.  My neck is cold – scarf.  I’m still cold so I add a blanket.  Now I can settle down to work.  My laptop adds heat to my lap. Ahhh.

???????????????????????????????My cheeks and nose are cold.  No clothing solution for that.  Sigh.

I’m supposed to go swimming this morning with Dianne.  We talked about it yesterday.  We haven’t been to water aerobics for two months.  Last year we went to the pool three times a week: January, February, March…

Maybe it will rain today.  It rained for the past couple days on and off.  It’s not looking like rain, but it’s still early.

An hour later – no rain.  In fact, it is sunny.  Rats.  The phone rings.  It’s Dianne.  “My weather app says there’s 70% chance of rain this morning.  Not only is it not raining, but the sun is shining!  It also says it’s only 68 degrees…”  We laugh.  Neither of really wants to go.  I’m not sure that I would ever go, but I’ve learned to create accountability, to use my commitment to others for motivation.  We agree it’s too cold, and that we’ll make up for it by going to yoga twice this week.  She reminds me that she’s only recently feeling better from the effects of her lingering cough, and demonstrates it convincingly on the phone.  I have no excuse.  What’s happened to me?

I could install a gas fireplace.  That would warm up the living room.  It’s actually colder inside than out.

Up pops my computer reminder that I’m about to be late for the pool.

A fireplace still won’t make me happy about going to water aerobics when it’s 68°F outside.  Sigh.  Maybe Friday.

If this moves you, send socks.


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3 Responses to Freezing in paradise

  1. Kim says:

    rofl…….you know it is really amazing how spoiled our internal thermostats get when you live some place like Hawaii where the temperature band is so narrow. This is the first winter in 5 that I have worn long pants for most of the winter… the people that have lived here all their lives!!!!! How can I feel cold at 68 degrees F when I lived on the mainland where the temperature swings are so much greater?!?!?!?!?!?!? Maybe it is time for new internal thermostat!!!! rofl, Kim

  2. Stacy Disney says:

    Okay sister, get up and move… call me and we can go to the beach together, the water is warmer than the air lately!!!!!!!!!!!! Surf’s up!! And whales are jumping!

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