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Stained Glass Ti Outside My WindowI write this blog from the lovely paradise of the Big Island of Hawai’i where I moved in October of 2011.  I write because I am compelled to write.  I started out just writing emails to friends who wanted to stay in touch with my new retired life.  Soon they started to tell me that I should write a book because the emails were so engaging.  I didn’t really believe them at first.  I did start a business editing other people’s written words, but I didn’t plan to write myself.  Writing is a risky profession.  My Dad was talking to me from the Beyond, still advising safe bets in my head.

But once I got it – that I loved to write, that I was good at it, that I could inspire people to think and laugh, and that it could be a real job, I claimed it as my true passion.  Yes I enjoy editing, but I love writing.

I have finished a book manuscript of my first year in paradise, and am in the process of manifesting a publisher.  In the footsteps of Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love, the story follows my personal growth and quest to find a new passion to fill my life now that I have retired and moved, far away from the culture of my home state of Wisconsin.

I have had much help along the way to manifest this new life, and my story looks back on some of the key events.  Along the way I adjusted to tropical and rural life, reconnected to my teenage daughters, developed new friends and community roots, adopted a flexitarian diet, and continue to deal with free-running neighborhood chickens.

My book and blog show the power of using tools such as journaling, meditation, vision boards, writing your goals, and techniques like the FISH philosophy (Play, Be There, Make their Day, Choose Your Attitude), and positive thinking to create the life you want.

The message is clear.  You can create your future if you know what you want, plan for it, and ask for it.

Watch for news here on progress towards publication.  I’m asking the Universe for help, but I’m using my network too.  Do you know someone at a publishing company?  If so, please introduce us to each other!

Meanwhile, the story continues, blog style right here.  Follow my adventures with hypnotism, clean eating, Hawaiian and local culture, community activism, continued use of positive thinking and visualization tools, retirement, my Women’s Empowerment Circle, yoga, and the damn roosters in my neighborhood.

If you need editing help, check out my other website at ParadiseEditing or put Scheurell Paradise Editing in the search field in Google.

Happy reading.


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I'm a writer and author. Check out my book, Manifesting Paradise on Amazon, and my blog, I talk about Hawaii and the transformation tools I used to achieve my dreams.
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